They Did Not Come Alone

PhilipThe First Fleet did not come alone. Captain Phillip did not only bring people and provisions - he brought institutions which are with us today and which have made this nation.

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Ten Principles of Freedom
Democracy GreekTo be free, and to enjoy that freedom, man must live in an ordered society. We cannot live in a state of anarchy or a state of nature where, as Hobbes famously put it, life would be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”.
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St. George's Day


Who is to blame for the republican annus horribilis ?

Leading republican, Professor George Williams, writes that this year is shaping up as an annus horribilis for the republican movement.

Writing in The Sydney Morning Herald on 22 April


Royal Family privacy must be defended
ACM does not agree that "'You can’t be second in line to the throne and not expect to be photographed,'' as the Australian Monarchist League


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