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The Australian Crown is not just what The Queen wears when she is crowned. The word also refers to our oldest  legal and constitutional institution.

It is a central to our constiutional system.

Today it remains an important check and balance against the abuse of power by those elected to represent the people and form the Federal and State governments.

With the High Court, it is the only institution which straddles the State and Federal divide.

When our Founding Fathers established our Federation, there was no serious proposal that the new nation should be anything but a crowned republic.

The essence of the new nation was that it would be an indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown. That was proposed by our Founding Fathers and approved by the people of the six colonies, now the States.

This was affirmed by the people in all of the six States and by 72% of all electorates in a referendum in 1999.  

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