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[Drafting the Constitution: The Samuel Griffith Society] 


The Australian Constitution is sometimes criticised by those wanting to change it because it is does not, for example refer to the Cabinet or the Prime Minister. But the Constitution was not intended to be a complete text on the constitutional system. It was a document federating the six self governing countries into a nation, setting up new Federal institutions and granting them certain limited powers.

The Founding Fathers, led by the Queenslander who was to become the  first Australian Chief Justice, Sir Samuel Griffith  ( shown above in the illustration from The Samuel Griffith Society site, the only Australian site dedicated to the study and advancement of federalism) would have seen the constitution as Bolingbroke did, as  that "assembly of laws, customs and institutions...according to which the community has agreed to be governed.”

The Founding Fathers assumed that the absolute rights Australians had brought with them from Britain would continue.

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