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On 26 June 2003, less than four years after a resounding rejection in 1999,  the Senate referred an Inquiry into an Australian Republic to the Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee.

The Terms of Reference were not whether a politican's republic was desirable.

Remarkably, the inquiry was to establish "the most appropriate process for moving towards the establishment of an Australian republic with an Australian Head of State."

At consideable expense the Committee travelled around the country conducting hearings in all state capitals.

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy made this submission.

The Committee tabled its report called Road to a Republic on 31 August 2004, a time when the nation was increasingly engrossed in the approaching  Federal Election.

As expected, the majority wholly endorsed the plan of the Australian Republican movement that two plebiscites be held the first to determine whether Australians want a republic, the second on the form of republic.

This would be followed by a referendum.

If the 1999 approach were followed separate changes would have to be made for each of the States and also in relation to the Flag. 

Curiously, Liberal Senator and ARM officer Senator Marise Payne dissented from there being a second plebiscite which is generally thought to be one which would favour a directly elected president.

When the report was released Australians for Constitutional Monarchy issued the following media release.

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